But, for the time being, we must sadly close up shop.
You may have filled out my Q&A survey from yore...
Plus, I published my essay collection, Late Bloomer!
(In other news, I self-published an essay collection 🥳)
The premiere's got me feeling and pondering again
In a reverse of last week: Aparna asks me what I value in my friendships, how I manage them virtually, and how they change over time.
Ft. the insights of my good friend Aparna
Tackling some casual topics today like self-acceptance, existential readiness, and Tamil music. Plus, a few announcements!
Survey results, upcoming posts, and more...
A 2-Year Survey For This Newsletter 📝Hey y’all! If you’re receiving this email, I would like to issue you a very very warm THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul. This newsletter star…
A very quick, fast, fleeting announcement
Sending some nonsense your way.