A 2-Year Survey For This Newsletter 📝

Hey y’all! If you’re receiving this email, I would like to issue you a very very warm THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul. This newsletter started off as nothing more than a silly side project a little over 2 years ago, a small avenue of self-expression from my little 1-bedroom Seattle apartment. I remember spending dozens of hours on a single post in the hopes of writing the Perfect Article. I’d pace and tug at my hair and stretch my wrists hoping that that sentence wouldn’t make a reader roll their eyes, that I’d be considered a serious writer.

Now, I’ve learned that writing is just about writing, whether it’s with love and care, critically, or lyrically. Not every sentence needs to be perfect. Write to express, not to impress, goes the cheesy aphorism. With that, I wanna take a second to acknowledge how far this little Substack has come.

*one second later.*

There’s still a ways to go, though! As I’ve gathered more and more subscribers and get better as a writer, I’d like to focus on improvements to make. With that, here’s a survey I’ve created to gather feedback on Only Child. Your feedback is mission-critical and much-appreciated! It will take about 5 minutes or so. Please fill it out, even if you’re a recent subscriber! Any feedback is much appreciated.

Take the Survey

Have a blessed day y’all! Here’s a picture of a partially-eaten Spongebob popsicle. Ok bye.

P.S. To short-circuit the survey a little bit, leave a comment below if you’re interested in helping me with any of the following:

  • Adding/improving the images/graphics that I use in this newsletter. Banners, infographics, etc.

  • Writing a guest post for Only Child! Happy to do newsletter swaps if you have your own newsletter/blog.

  • Giving me advice to monetize this newsletter (just partially, don’t worry; I care about your wallet).

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